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Are you in pain? Has the pain just started or has it been there for weeks, months or years? Don’t wait for it to get worse! Act now and make an appointment ›

Pain can be concerning. It’s our body telling us that something is not right. Whether it is a small ache to severe pain we need to listen to our body. At Toowoomba Chiropractic Centre Dr Rock has been diagnosing and treating people with back and neck pain since 2001.

There are many causes of back and neck pain. Dr Rock understands that it can be frustrating because pain can affect many aspects of your life. You may not be sleeping well, or you are unable to enjoy your hobbies. The pain may be limiting your ability to work. This may influence your mental health and lead to anxiety or depression.

Often pain in one part of the body can be caused by a problem elsewhere. Therefore, a thorough examination is needed to discover the true cause of your pain. Whether your problem has just started, or it has been there for a long time, Dr Rock wants to work with you to get you out of pain and improve the quality of your life.

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