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Chiropractic Techniques - Corrective Care

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CBP Clinical Biomechanics of Posture®

Clinical Biomechanics of Posture® is a treatment protocol designed to produce optimal posture and spinal alignment. This diagnostic and treatment protocol has more formal published research behind it than any other approach in chiropractic or manual therapy. Dr Trevor Rock is the only clinic in Toowoomba offering this technique.

Denneroll Spinal Orthotics

Denneroll Spinal Orthotics are a firm foam device that offers an effective stretch to your muscles and spine. Used regularly, these simple products can improve your spinal alignment. The stretch created from the Denneroll improves movement, relieves muscle tension, and assists in correction of poor spinal curves. This device is a great invention with quality research proving its effectiveness. Best of all is that you can use this at home. This helps you correct and maintain your spinal health.

Light and easy to travel, the Denneroll can be used in your home, the office, or anywhere there’s flat ground with each stretching session taking between 1-20 minutes.

The Ideal Spine

This specific spinal X-ray analysis of the spine enables the chiropractor to analyse spine shape distortions, which have been shown in recent research to predict future pain risk, risk of arthritis and disc lesions, amongst other problems. Naturally, these findings will direct your specific care recommendations.

Chiropractic researchers have devised simple traction machines which are used to re-shape spines overtime, all non-surgically. The response and overall results in well-selected cases can be truly astonishing. This is called ‘Spine Corrective Care’.

Corrective Care Protocol

After symptomatic relief, patients are offered the option to pursue corrective care. This is where dramatic, longer-lasting spinal changes are made. This is done through a specific protocol of adjustments, traction and exercise.

  • Adjustments help restore segmental integrity to the spine, decrease abnormal weight distribution and avoid spinal degeneration.
  • Traction delivers a constant force to help retrain and remodel the spine to counter the effects of long-standing postural distortions.
  • Exercises, designed for each patient’s individual spinal abnormality, are used to strengthen weaker areas of the spine.

See also: General Chiropractic Techniques ›     Soft Tissue Techniques ›

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